We design full sets of building plans ready for construction. We design many different styles of houses.  We let you customize your home as much as you like as we guide you through the process.  With your help, we can make your house one of a kind.

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The Process:

We take the client through a series of design stages: an overview, a preliminary process, and a finalization. At the end of the design process, a full set of construction documents are ready for building.

  1. Overview: Our first meeting is a free consultation. We involve our clients in our design process as much as they want to. Gaining their input helps achieve what is wanted. The first meeting goes over general questions and design needs such as what style of house, building budget, amount of square footage, wanted features, etc. People generally come in with their own ideas sketched up on paper, however, if you are not sure what you have in mind then we can help you there too.
  2. Preliminary: To start the design process with us, we’ll require you to pay a 50% deposit. This amount counts toward the cost of the plan. We’ll create the preliminary which will be a rough draft of what you’re wanting. We’ll send this to you via email and you’ll take some time to review.  
  3. Design Cycle: Once you review the first preliminary, you’ll want to make changes to it.  You can either send us redlines and changes via email or you can ask us to meet in the office to go over your changes together. We’ll go back and forth with changes until you are happy or have run out of change revisions.  When the preliminary is approved then we move into finalization phase.
  4. Finalization: This is where the green light is given and the plan is finished, red lined, and given to the customer for review.
  5. Alterations/Modification: If you are wanting changes after finalizing, we’ll work those on a per hour basis.




  • We charge on a square foot basis. Please call for the most current pricing.
  • To begin the preliminary, there is a 50% down payment towards the overall plan cost.
  • Corrections/Alterations and meeting time are performed at a per hour basis.

Content of Construction Prints:

A set of plans consists of 4 to 6 sheets. These include the

  • Elevation Plan
  • Main Floor Plan
  • Basement
  • 2nd Floor
  • Foundation Plan
  • Roof Plan
  • Detail and Sections Plan

Electrical & Plumbing plans are not needed for your permits. These will be figured out in the field by you and your builder.


We have a very quick turnaround time for contractors who need plans quickly and we encourage them to take advantage of our speed.