The high costs of a residential building project are far less worrisome if you have thoroughly investigated the  architect Richland WA you want to design your project. All home construction projects are much easier if you choose a residential architect with a good reputation and an agreeable personality. Before writing your first check, verify the credibility of the Richland architect by interviewing previous clients, assessing the quality of completed job sites and ensuring that your budget fits within their vision for your project.


Decide if you really need to hire a Richland architect.

mcleod-home-designs- architect-kennewick-richland-pasco RichlandMinor home remodels rarely require the services of a licensed Richland architect and simply need a general contractor to incorporate the desired changes into your home. However, if you want to dramatically alter the appearance of your residence, such as changing the façade or adding another wing, a licensed Richland architect may be the best person to lead the project.

As well, architects Richland WA are really expensive too ranging from $2-$5 / sq ft.  It’s very common that people opt for a house designer with experience without the branded name of ARCHITECT.

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Ask friends, family and colleagues for referrals.

If you know someone whose home has recently undergone major construction work, such as adding a second floor, an architect was probably utilized.

  • Visit the project to inspect the construction quality. Ask the property owner if the materials used are durable and if they tolerate everyday use.
  • Check with the property owner to see if the architect was easy to work with. You’ll also want to know if the project was completed on time and if the architect stayed within budget. If not, find out why; sometimes timelines and budgets are exceeded because of unforeseen project complications, not bad decision-making by the Richland architect.
  • Get the architect’s contact information if you like what you hear.

Set up an interview with at least 3 architects Richland WA.

Since many charge for a consultation, ask about their prices for your first meeting.

Review the architect’s building portfolio, which should have a wide variety of projects to express the person’s abilities.

Look for design elements that you want in your own project, such as window placement and room layouts.

  • Ask about any project complications and how the architect handled them. If a project went over budget, ask why and inquire about how the situation was resolved.

Describe how much money you have for the project.

Always have extra funding set aside for construction project overruns. Generally, 25 percent more money is enough to cover extra expenses.

Know how much involvement the Richland architect will have in your project.

If you require the assistance of someone who can navigate the process of applying for construction permits with your town, make sure the architect is aware of your needs. Some Richland architects include project management in their fee structure, others consider it an extra service and charge accordingly.

Verify that you will work directly with the architect Richland WA you are interviewing.

Larger firms sometimes send lead Richland architects to initial meetings but later assign a junior architect to work with clients.

  • Always interview the same people you will work with to ensure you communicate effectively as a team.

Get an estimate.

Know how much money the architect expects to spend on your project. Ask about extra fees for project changes and re-designs.

  • Understand the architect’s billing process to ensure you can afford their services.