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Copyright Protection

House plans of McLeod Home Design are copyright protected under federal copyright laws. This means that the designs and plans cannot be reproduced without our permission. Purchase of a house plan allows you, the licensee, to build only one home from the plans and does not transfer the copyright or ownership of the plans in any way. For example, if we designed house plans for you, you can only build once from those prints. Any additional buildings being built from those prints will need to be purchased again. We offer discount pricing on multiple houses being built on the same plan.
The designs depicted on this web site or in any of our plan books are protected also. It is not legal to adapt, change or redraw the designs. These would be considered “derivative works” of the original which retain the copyright protection. To be safe, purchase the plan/license. With the license you can then modify the plan for your use in the construction of one home.
The Copyright Law exists to protect all parties and supports the intellectual property of the designer. It has been strengthened in the past few years. It allows for statutory damages up to $100,000 plus attorney fees, damages and loss of profit. To learn more, visit the US Copyright Office at http:/